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Interoperable Communication with AtHoc Connect

When an emergency strikes, responders need to communicate with other agencies seamlessly, without the need of any special equipment or expensive technology. AtHoc Connect enables organizations ranging from individual units to MAJCOMs to communicate and collaborate with greater effectiveness, authority, and control in times of crisis.

AtHoc delivers secure interoperable communication with other agencies and organizations and because your network is permission-based, you keep control over who is included and what information is shared.

Emergency Mass Notification

Notify anyone, anywhere, on any device

  • Communicate with personnel across all channels – networked computers, mobile devices, sirens, radios, fire panels and digital displays – with predefined procedures and two-way communication.
  • Enable every individual to communicate and interact from a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, desktop computer, IP phone, email, text, interface or pager.
  • Share map-based situational awareness, e.g., incident location and evacuation route, based on role and permissions.

Personnel Accountability

AtHoc Account enables real time visibility into personnel location and status for effective crisis management. AtHoc empowers commanders to determine which personnel are safe and which need immediate response.

Gain Situational Awareness

A robust tool that enables field personnel to share what they see, when they see it

  • Empowers military commanders to view an incident within a base and provide instructions to responders with rich media.
  • Enables the operation center to see detailed pictures from the event scene and assess incident scope.
  • Advanced features include shared multi-team checklists, activity logs and task tracking that further enable coordinated response.
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