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Defending the Defenders, the World Over

  • U.S. Army

    U.S. Army

    The US Army deploys AtHoc’s networked crisis communication suite (NCCS) worldwide, expanding the Army’s ability to alert and protect thousands of personnel. AtHoc’s NCCS meets the DoDi 6055.17 mandatory requirements for an emergency management installation that reaches all personnel within ten minutes or less. And AtHoc is the only solution on the DISA Approved Product List (DISA APL) with the Army’s enterprise-wide Certificate of Networthiness (CoN) and Authority to Operate (AtO).

  • U.S. Marine Corps

    U.S. Marine Corps

    AtHoc protects over 225,000 active duty Marines, sailors and civilians across all Marine Corps bases, camps, depots, and stations. The AtHoc networked crisis communication suite (NCCS) leverages and works seamlessly with the existing USMC Enterprise Mass Notification System (eMNS) and IP network, providing a unified, multimodal private-cloud mass notification solution.

  • U.S. Navy

    U.S. Navy

    AtHoc supports the Navy’s effort to protect its most valuable assets – sailors, government civilian and contract personnel – from external and internal threats. With our comprehensive networked crisis communication suite, AtHoc safeguards the Navy and its more than 375,000 personnel – in 96 bases around the world.

  • U.S. Air Force (USAF)

    U.S. Air Force (USAF)

    The USAF has deployed AtHoc at every active duty base. Today, our networked crisis communication suite protects over 600,000 active duty, reserve and civilian personnel at 93 installations around the world. More specifically, the AtHoc solution provides the Air Force with true two-way communication during a crisis. Personnel in a central location can rapidly send emergency alerting information via a wide variety of channels to alert all staff, regardless of location.

  • Army National Guard

    Army National Guard

    For nearly 400 years, the Army National Guard has served the United States in capacities ranging from overseas combat to domestic disaster relief. Many of its personnel serve on a part-time basis, making rapid, seamless and comprehensive crisis communication essential – no matter where they are. National Guard units in Washington DC,from Maine, Iowa and to Wyoming currently use the AtHoc networked crisis communication to notify their personnel and account for their status.

  • Joint Military Organizations

    AtHoc’s networked crisis communication suite supports and safeguards millions of military personnel, including these Joint Forcesthroughout the world including: US Central Command (CENTCOM), US Africa Command (AFRICOM), US Southern Command (SOUTHCOM), US Special Operations Command (SOCOM), US Pacific Command (PACOM), US Strategic Command (STRATCOM), Defense Contract Management Agency, Defense Logistics Agency, Defense Threat Reduction Agency, and many Joint Bases. AtHoc is proud to provide a comprehensive alerting system to enhance safety,force protection and personnel accountabiliy throughout our Military Organizations.

    Joint Military Organizations
  • Pentagon Force Protection Agency (PFPA)

    Pentagon Force Protection Agency (PFPA)

    AtHoc emergency notification supports PFPA with securing and protecting the Pentagon and other Federal Facilites in the Washington DC area , sending alerts rapidly through IP-networked workstations. Computer Pop-ups, and Telephone, email, text and Mobile app notifications are employed, which help protect people, facilities and infrastructure against all threats. And because no crisis happens in isolation, AtHoc enables PFPA to communicate quickly and easily with other agencies – a critical advantage.

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